We support everyone’s constitutional right to participate in the democratic process

  • Ensuring equality of your vote

  • Equalizing political power (Has your community lost its ability to make decisions about things that effect you redistricting, like land development, zoning, and gentrification planning)

  • Expand voting rights and access to the ballot

  • Support for full restoration of disenfrachised citizens right to vote

  • National Vote Day holiday to promote access to our democracy

Policing Reform – Restructuring correlation of judicial system with policing

  • End Qualified Immunity

  • Mandate or Ban over policing, militarizing tactics and racial or economic profiling

  • Mandate or Ban military tactics and replace them with community policing and Human Services Interventions

  • Develop community review board with ability to enforce and hold police department accountable

  • Human right standards to improve institutional abuse or assaults within Virginia Beach city jail

Judicial Reform

  • Restructuring correlation of judicial system with policing

  • Mandate and Ban no Parole in Virginia

  • Mandate Bail reform

  • Mandate Drug court

  • Social services over punishment for mental health issues related to PTSD, or PTSD related illnesses or disease, homelessness, drug abuse, sucide or other personal mental health issues impacting individuals non-crime related.


  • Promote economic freedom in low income individuals

  • Equitable living wages

  • Demand City Counsel adopt an ordinance allowing public-sector collective bargaining.

  • Trade School/training

  • Farming and raw material training

  • Policy or Solutions to end poverty


  • Mitigate flooding

  • Solutions to end homelessness or poverty

  • Homeownership and land re-acquirement

  • Affordable housing programs

Blog, Press Releases & Newsclips

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New Effort to Recall Bobby Dyer as Mayor of VB

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Workers Gripe Podcast 1

Here is the inaugural edition of the Workers Gripe Podcast for your ears. Steph Sterner and Matthew Morales of Virginia Beach Coalition interview Charles Brown of the Southern Workers Assembly / Tidewater Workers Assembly and United Electrical, Radio and Machine...

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In 2017 I was a party to experiences that confirmed that Black and brown lives do NOT matter in the city of Virginia Beach. I learned that discrimination, political exclusion, and over-policing were generalized methods of interacting with black and brown citizens. To my horror, I discovered that these tactics were even used on my children as early as kindergarten with complete disregard for their wellbeing.  I was not able to obtain anyone to represent my children’s needs because all the local politicians declined to help my children. It had been so painful living under an apartheid at-large system that was designed to increase the probability of white supremacy rule while diluting the vote of people of color. I decided I could not live like that any longer and filed a complaint in federal court. This lawsuit will take the chains off every citizen of color and ensure that their vote is equally counted without white supremacy vote suppression tactics encumbering our vote.

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